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Monday, August 5, 2013

Maximum Durability for Maximum Fun

2013 Cruiser ECO Dura-Max

The Cruiser Dura-Max was designed with ease of use and durability in mind.  It's the perfect family board, ideal for having an array of people from light to medium build, and beginner to intermediate paddlers. This board features a water-tight polyurethane foam core and a polyethylene outer shell, making it nearly indestructible.  The Dura-Max's indestructibility paired with excellent recreational performance is what makes it the perfect board for cottages, camps, and rental centres.  

This board ranges in size from 10'4" to 11'4".  The larger board has a volume of 205L, allowing it to easily carry up to approximately 22
5 pounds before it starts to feel slightly unstable.  This board is going to perform at it's best in mostly flat water, but can definitely handle some small surf as well!  It's great for learning to surf on as it is designed for ample stability.


The Cruiser Eco Dura-Max is made in the greenest board factory in the world!  The eco-friendly process is due to the following:
  1. No pollution: No gas emissions, no solvents and closed circuit cooling of our moulds means our employees, and everyone else, don't have to worry about what comes out of our ventilation system.
  2. Low Energy Consumption: short production cycles means less electricity is used.
  3. Zero waste production: Wherever possible excess material is ground down and recycled back into the production process. Our steel moulds ensure that only the necessary amount of material is used for each board.
  4. Extended product life-span: our boards are built to last, meaning they don't end up broken and taking up space in a landfill somewhere.

The Cruiser Dura-Max can be purchased online through Paddleboard Direct or by calling 1-888-291-9905.
For more information please e-mail info@paddleboarddirect.com

Have a great day of SUP fun
From the Team at Paddleboard Direct

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