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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Paddle on the Market!

Cruiser Alloy Paddle with 7.5" Blade and Oval Shaft

There has been a new paddle recently released (within the past month!).  This new paddle features an aluminum alloy shaft and plastic blade in addition to a new style of locking mechanism to adjust the length. This new mechanism is much more intuitive than the older mechanism.  It is a simple clasp instead of a post that locks the adjustable shaft in place.  This paddle also features an oval shaft, allowing it to fit more naturally in your hand than the old circular shafts.  This is a much more durable construction than a carbon paddle, making it very kid/family friendly! 

Paddle Maintenance

Rinse out your adjustable paddle after using it to prevent the handle from getting stuck inside the shaft. This is especially important for alloy paddles when used in salt water or sandy conditions, as well as after long periods of tie during which the paddle is not used or adjusted. If your paddle does become stuck, we suggest using WD-40 at the collar to free up the two pieces. Don't pull on the end of the handle with excess force as you can break it off!

Also be sure to remember that Cruiser SUP paddles do float for a few minutes thanks to a piece of foam in the shaft.  But it won't float indefinitely so be sure to fish your paddle out of the water as quickly as possible!

Have a great day of SUP fun and remember to e-mail us at info@paddleboarddirect.com if you have any questions!
From the Team at Paddleboard Direct

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