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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Simply Beautiful Cruiser V-Max Platinum Edition

Cruiser V-Max Platinum Edition

The Cruiser V-Max is a great touring board, best suited to an intermediate-advanced paddler with an interest in flat water SUP. This board has the ability to perform up to an amateur race level. But not only does it have superior performance abilities, it also has superior aesthetics.

Sizing becomes particularly important with higher performance boards like this because they have to sit in the water properly in order to perform to their full potential.  Because of this a person who is very light may not be well-suited to a larger board.  At 11'6 and 12'6 the Cruiser V-Max is designed for speed.  The displacement nose is perfect for flat water but doesn't do well in waves, making this board exclusive to touring/racing.  In terms of sizing, an 11'6 Cruiser V-Max has a volume of 200L, allowing it to carry up to around 200-210 pounds easily!  The 12'6 will carry up to 295 pounds without any trouble at all thanks to it's volume of 285L.
Definition Alert! 
Displacement nose: A displacement nose is designed in a 'V' shape to cut through the water.  Unlike a surf paddleboard (like the Cruiser Nalu All-Wave) or an all-around board (like the Cruiser Kona Classic - more details coming later this week!) a board with a displacement nose does not have any nose rocker.  It slices through the water instead of riding along the surface.  This piercing nose actually pierces through the water as the name suggests and this allows it to reduce the amount of friction beneath the board and increase speed.
This board features steep rails at the tail end.  This creates greater glide speed and the tracking abilities of a race board, while continuing to maintain the stability of a touring board.
Definition Alert!
Rails: The rails are the side of your board.  These can be lower volume (for boards designed for surf this allows it to rock back and forth) or higher volume.  Steep rails (higher volume) provide stability, like what is seen with the Cruiser V-Max.
The Cruiser V-Max is an absolutely beautiful board with a bamboo veneer deck and similar to core
construction to the Cruiser Ultra-Lite Bamboo series with a sandwich composition of fibreglass, epoxy resin, and bamboo.  The matte finish completes the clean, simple, beauty of this incredible board that will keep you touring (and racing!) for years to come.

Check out the Cruiser V-Max on our website at www.paddleboarddirect.com

Have a great day on your SUP!
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