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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Making The Leap From Renting To Owning Your Own SUP

Shopping for a stand up paddle board (SUP) can be overwhelming, especially when you're unfamiliar with the sport.  From all round cruising, to family, touring, surf, windsurf, and yoga paddle boards, the choices are endless.  And that's without adding over 100 brands into the mix.  With so many options available, one must wonder where to start - and how to cut through the noise from the various brands?

Many people like to start off by renting a paddleboard.  It's a very rational choice: try the sport before investing hundred of dollars. However, the expense of renting a SUP does add up.

If you find that you're really falling in love with the sport (it's pretty hard not to!) then it's time to invest in a paddle board of your own! Not only will you have access to your SUP whenever you want to paddle, you'll also have a board that is designed for your style of stand up paddling.  Most likely much lighter, higher performance, and sized for you.

Due to the strain rentals put on the stand up paddleboard, rental SUP boards tend to be the heavy (durable construction), which in turn affects performance. Many rental centers also purchase larger boards so that anyone can use them. They are very stable and easy for a lighter paddler initially, however, you may find most rental boards huge and not very responsive. Conversely, some centers rent stand up paddle boards that are too small and very frustrating.

Now that you are ready to purchase your own paddle board, where to begin? The first thing you want to determine is the conditions where you will SUP.  Will you be cruising, surfing, or maybe a little bit of both?  Next, how many people will be sharing the board - and how much do they weigh?  Is durability an important factor, or is light weight more important? Ease of use or high performance? These sorts of questions determine the style and construction of board you'll need.

There are also many questions pertaining to chosing the best retailer.  Talk to the team at Paddleboard Direct. They have equipped more SUP customers (with industry leading service, quality products and value), than anyone in the country since 2007.

 See the full list on the Paddleboard Direct website SUP Buying Tips page. 

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