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Friday, August 16, 2013

Yoga and Fitness for Everyone!

Yoga has become increasingly popular in the past decade as people look for fitness alternatives outside the traditional gym setting.  With stand up paddleboarding also on the rise, it only seems fitting that the two should merge!  The soothing sounds of the water and ability to completely isolate oneself increase the psychological benefits of yoga.  While the added challenge of balancing on the stand up paddle board increases the physical aspects.

Practicing yoga on a paddle board certainly takes some getting used to, but after the first few wobbly poses you'll be feeling better about the new sensation.  If you want to kick up the fitness element, use your paddle for some extra weight!

Why not give Pilates a try as well?  You'll find that there isn't a muscle in your body that isn't engaged the entire session!  Any sort of exercise is taken to a whole other level by adding the SUP element.  Notice your obliques engage while doing straight crunches just to keep you stable.

You thought planks were tough before? After working out on your stand up paddle board you'll never want to go back to the gym.

There are so many great stand up paddle boards out there that are designed specifically for fitness. Check out the Cruiser Betty or Koa FeatherLite Soft Top or the incredible Cruiser Yoga Mat UltraLite. Both are great for fitness, while have incredible glide and tracking abilities.  The Cruiser Yoga Mat is the same shape and construction as the Cruiser Wahine Bamboo - great for flat water and surf alike! The Cruiser Betty is staff member Gen's favorite paddle board for SUP yoga and fitness due to it's full EVA Soft Top and incredible stability. Plus it looks hot, with black, grey and pink accents!
When choosing a paddleboard for fitness you want a board that is wide and buoyant enough to be stable (but not so wide that it is unresponsive and plows through the water like a barge). A full length deck pad is also great, but not mandatory.  This style of deck pad helps with your grip all over the board and is easier on your hands than a hard polyethylene epoxy deck.  It's also great if you wanted to bring kids out on the board!

You'll find that a bungee deck attachment (included with Cruiser Yoga Mat and Koa/Betty) will also be nice to have.  This will allow you to bring a bottle of water along so you don't get dehydrated, and will keep your paddle on the deck of your board while you're working out!

Yoga and fitness has never been so much fun!

Have a great day of SUP!
From the Team at Paddleboard Direct

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