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Monday, June 23, 2014

SUP Sizing

One of the most frequent questions we get is "What size Cruiser SUP do I need?"

A very valid concern for someone new to the sport of SUP and one we always respond with a few more questions of our own..
  • "What kind of water conditions will you be using the board on?" 
  • "What is the weight range of those using the board?" 
  • "Will you be taking kids or pets on the board with you?
  • "What is your experience level on a SUP?"

These questions allow us to determine how to best size a board for you personally.  Stand up paddleboards carry a certain amount of weight based on their volume.  The higher the volume, the more weight a board can carry.  Being on the right size board is critical to having a great SUP experience. With that being said, when deciding on a board size we almost always recommend to choose one size up.  By selecting a larger sized board you have ensured increased stability, better tracking, and increased glide speed.

Beyond your own size and comfort level on a SUP, the other major consideration is having the option of taking your kids or pet out for a paddle with you.  If this is something you may be interested in then it is definitely a good idea to go up a size for the sake of additional stability.  Needless to say a child or pet will move around a bit, and that added weight displacement has a huge effect on the stability of your SUP.  Plus, if you ever want to try SUP Yoga or just let a beginner friend try out your board, the extra volume will go a long way.

Have a great day of SUP fun!
The Team at Cruiser SUP/Paddleboard Direct

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