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Monday, July 28, 2014

Cruiser SUP Paddle Maintenance Tips

Cruiser SUP Skinny Shaft 50% Carbon Paddle
Left: Cruiser SUP Carbon/Bamboo Paddle
Right: Cruiser SUP Skinny Shaft 50% Carbon Paddle
Cruiser SUP Paddles sold exclusively by Paddleboard Direct are constructed using the highest quality materials possible for maximum durability, performance, and longevity. However, like any material that comes in constant contact with salt, water and sand, corrosion will occur without proper maintenance. Therefore, one must take special care to rinse the paddle out very well after every single use.

Cruiser SUP Alloy Paddle

To rinse your Cruiser SUP Paddle properly, unlatch the tension lever like you would do to adjust the height of the paddle. Next, remove the handle section from the shaft section completely until your paddle is now in two pieces. Finally, rinse the inside of the shaft along with the handle section very well several times with fresh water. Don’t be afraid to take a hose or shower head and fill the entire shaft up with fresh water and then pour it out several times. Allow the inside of the shaft to dry by hanging the piece from the blade section, with shaft pointing downwards. Also, use a towel to dry the handle piece completely before re-inserting it into the shaft of the blade piece.

Cruiser SUP 100% Carbon 3 Piece Paddle
If you are caring for a Cruiser SUP alloy paddle, you must take even extra care to ensure you have rinsed the paddle completely inside and out as alloy is more susceptible to corrosion from salt. Never leave your paddle covered in sand or salt especially if you live in a warm or humid location. Be very careful to remove all sand from the latch and inside the shaft of the paddle. 

Disassembled Cruiser SUP Alloy 3 Piece Paddle
For care of a Cruiser SUP 3-Piece Paddle we recommend that in addition to rinsing out your paddle completely you take extra care to wash the spring pin that clicks into place when assembling the paddle. Make sure after every use that you dis-assemble the paddle into the 3 separate pieces and rinse the inside of the entire paddle very well. Always hang the shaft to dry and wipe the pieces that enter the shaft with a towel until dry.

Disassembled Cruiser SUP 50% Carbon 3 Piece Paddle

Washing away all salt, dirt, sand, or other potential clogging materials from all sections of your paddle is the key to keeping your paddle from rusting or sticking when trying to adjust the height. Please remember to wash out your Cruiser SUP Paddle completely after every single use!
Corrosion on an alloy paddle due to poor maintenance

Corrosion of the height adjustment slots due to poor maintenance
Cruiser SUP 50% Carbon Paddle

Thanks and Happy Paddling!

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