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Friday, June 13, 2014

Which Cruiser SUP Paddle Is Best For Me?

Black 50% Carbon Paddle
After introducing the sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding to countless individuals, the one question that always seems to be asked is, which paddle should I use? People see the different colors of the paddles, the different construction and logos, but don't really know what that all translates to once out paddling on the water. The paddle functionality is something you don't really seem to notice until you become more comfortable on a SUP. At first, you are just focusing on staying balanced and keeping the board moving in the water. Once you become more acquainted with the feeling of balancing over water you naturally become a better paddler and want to dig the paddle in to gain speed or to turn the board when needed. At this stage, a nice, light paddle makes a world of difference.

The mistake that a lot of people make when purchasing a Cruiser SUP is to just stick with the heavier alloy paddle that comes free with the board. Don't get me wrong, the alloy paddle is a very solid paddle and if durability is something that you are seeking, the alloy will last for quite some time. However, if it is performance that you are after, the smart move, because of how fast the learning curve of SUP is and how quickly one becomes a decent paddler, is to go with the relatively cheap upgrade to a lighter full carbon or 50% carbon paddle for the $49-$99 upgrade. This offer is only made available with purchase of a SUP as an upgrade. After the fact, these high end performance paddles go for $149-$249. So now, what exactly are the benefits of these beautiful carbon paddles?

When deciding on a Cruiser SUP Paddle you have a lot of different options in regards to the color and look of the paddle. However, the difference in performance of the paddles is all about the construction and adjustability. The materials used in construction of the paddles determines the weight, flex, and durability of the paddle. The heavier the weight the more taxing on the arms and shoulders and as a result slows down your maximum speed as you aren't able to get as many paddle strokes in. Light weight carbon construction paddles are far superior in this regard and will allow you to get more paddle strokes in per side and faster transition from one side of the SUP to the other. The lighter weight of the carbon paddles will also allow for you to go on longer journeys on your SUP as you won't become worn down as fast as you would when using a heavier paddle. If you just want a paddle that will last year after year no matter how much it gets banged up and who uses it, then the alloy paddles are a very solid and durable solution to your paddle needs.

Bamboo All Carbon Paddle
If there is one thing that I can assure you of, it's that if you have only ever used a heavier alloy paddle and then go out on a lightweight carbon fiber paddle, you will be blown away. There is nothing like the excellent glide and ease of side to side transition that the carbon fiber paddles provide. You will find more enjoyment in the sport of SUP and totally appreciate your new found maximum sustained speed with a Cruiser SUP carbon fiber paddle. Plus, your back and shoulders will really appreciate the lighter weight.

It all comes down to what you want to do with your SUP. If you are just looking for a new activity to relax out on flat water or throw your kids on the front of the board, then by all means, the alloy paddle will last and perform wonderfully. But, if you want performance speed, maneuverability, and quick side to side transition for great SUP exercise, racing, or surfing, then there is no better option than a Cruiser SUP lightweight carbon fiber paddle.

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