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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lake Ontario Cruiser SUP Demo Event

This past weekend was busy as dozens of stand up paddleboard enthusiasts came out to demo the new Cruiser SUP inflatable series on Lake Ontario. We were fortunate to have a beautiful calm day with very little wind- a rarity on the Great Lakes.  The lack of waves allowed even first time stand up paddlers to attempt some yoga, or simply swim off the boards.  Regardless of how much they attempted, everyone had fun playing on the water.

Experience levels varied from first time users to couples who were tired of renting and looking to buy their own boards, which allowed for a wide variety of feedback.   Many decided to test the limits of the various Cruiser SUP's stability by riding with two people on the boards.   Even going so far as to try multiple inversions at the same time, on the same stand up paddleboard!

A sample of user comments can be seen below alongside photos of the happy stand up paddlers beside their favourite boards!

Look for more events hosted by Cruiser SUP in the future. We love having people with all levels of paddle boarding experience put our boards to the test. Most come away very satisfied and a good time is had by all.

"So much fun, great board! "

"For my second time on an inflatable I was really impressed!
Like the portability as well!"

Rating 9/10

"Great fun!"

"Love them for the portability"

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