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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fun, versatility and ease of use - Cruiser Nalu and Wahine UltraLite Bamboo

The gorgeous Cruiser Nalu and Wahine UltraLite Bamboo are two of the most versatile (and gorgeous) stand up paddle boards offered by Cruiser SUP.

Although these boards were designed to be used in flat water, they also perform great in small to head-high surf. That kind of versatile surf and flat water performance cannot be understated.

The design enables this versatility thanks to a medium nose and tail rocker, but a relatively flat surface in between.  This is part of what allows these boards to be qualified as a high performance SUP.

For beginning stand up paddleboarders this can sound daunting. Not to fear, the Cruiser Nalu and Wahine are plenty stable for a beginner thanks to plenty of width.  This range of performance ability makes them perfect boards for everyone.
Note: The stability of a stand up paddleboard comes from the width of the board and it's volume in relation to the stand up paddleboarder's weight.  This means that a light board can be just as stable as a heavier board! 
Not only are these boards great performance sports equipment, they are also light weight and beautiful.  No more lugging a 50 pound SUP in and out of the water!

These boards are able to be this lightweight because of their sandwich/composite construction.  This construction features very thin layers of very strong bamboo veneer, fibreglass and epoxy resin that are compressed and sandwiched together.

After extensive testing, we found bamboo to be the strongest and lightest material for board decks, and the classic wood appearance is an added bonus.  These boards feature a closed-cell EPS core that is watertight (Keep an eye out for a post about basic board repair coming soon!) 

These boards are an excellent combination of versatility, performance, and great looks.  They allow you to get out in any safe water conditions and look good at the same time!

Have a great weekend of SUP fun!
From the Team at Crusier SUP and Paddleboard Direct

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