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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cruiser Eco-Comp Shows Off Durability In 45 MPH Crash

There are plenty of stand-up paddleboard sites out there that put sup boards through vigorous testing processes. But what about the rough accidental situations that can’t be duplicated by any of these paddleboard tests. It’s customer reviews that really show you what a product can handle when it’s out in the field. Paddleboard Direct’s very own Glenn Morton had a bit of an incident with his 2011 Cruiser SUP Eco-Comp 11’6″ and it showed off just how durable the Cruiser SUP Eco actually is. You’ll find Glenn’s testimonial below:

While driving to work recently, a trusty set of tie down straps decided to snap with only a somewhat ominous “whoosh” warning sound. I had a second to ponder “what goes whoosh” before I could see the Cruiser ECO COMP 11’6″ do a back flip off the roof rack and cart wheel down the road in my rear view mirror.I think it did at least 2-3 full nose over tail barrel rolls. Thankfully it didn’t hit any cars behind me. I jammed on brakes and did U turn, fearing the worst. A totally destroyed board!

I had been going about 45 mph at the time, and the pictures tell the story – just a bit of road rash on the extremely durable ASA outer skin. Any other epoxy board would have been totalled, but I paddled the 11’6″ ECO COMP that night!

Please note the Cruiser ECO COMP 5 year warranty against manufacturers defects does not cover boards flying off the roof of your vehicle!

Cruiser ECO-COMP 11’6″ Epoxy Composite with ASA protective skin is the the Most durable performance SUP construction on the market! Let’s see how those fragile boards from China or Asia Compare!

This goes to show that the Cruiser SUP Eco-Comp’s claim of being one of the most durable sup boards in the business is based on truth. The Standup Paddle Blog strives to highlight only the top stand-up paddleboards in the business and we wholeheartedly endorse the 2011 Cruiser SUP Eco-Comp 11’6″. It is a board that is worth praising for it’s great performance but also how it can stand up to just about any thing you throw out at it. For more information on the Cruiser SUP board or how to buy one of your own please head on over to www.paddleboarddirect.com

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